Add the same beauty and style to your garden, yard, deck, or patio that you have inside your home. Avant Garden Décor has the best selection of outdoor decorating products and solutions to fit any style.

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Expand your outdoor décor with our selection of functional and decorative Perky-Pet® brand bird feeders and Iron Stop® wind spinners.
Functional and decorative, our CobraCo® fence borders accent your landscape.
These unique designs allow you to add a touch of your personality to any indoor or outdoor space.

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Beautify virtually any railing with our CobraCo® adjustable flower box holders. These holders feature a patented railing bracket that adjusts to fit railings between two and six inches wide as well as a non-tip bumper to keep them level.

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Decorating your yard, porch, deck, or garden is just as important as decorating the interior of your home, and Avant Garden Décor features the perfect selection of products to help you do that with style and ease. From our CobraCo® brand flower planters, plant stands, and flower box holders, to our Iron Stop® wind spinners, wind chimes, and cystal twisters, to our Perky-Pet® brand decorative bird feeders, Avant Garden Décor is the complete destination for outdoor decorating products, solutions, and ideas.

Get expert tips on how to decorate porches, patios and much more with our how-to articles. Get inspired by the advice our experts have to give, and our product selection!
Expert Decorating Tips
There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to garden décor, especially in the planning phase. Believe it or not, landscape experts tell us the first thing you should do when planning to create an outdoor landscape or living area is to decide what hardscaping elements you’d like to add.

Do you want to add a water element, such as a pond, fountain, or bird bath? Perhaps you’re envisioning stone work to create a wall or pathway.

Other hardscaping elements you should consider include trellises, arbors, and/or obelisks. Decorative floor planters, baskets stands, or various specialty planters could also be part of your plan and allow you to add décor, while keeping a consistent theme throughout. You may also consider having a vegetable garden in your plan – this would be a good time to include that as well.

Focus, focus, focus. Develop a focal point for your outdoor living area. You want the attention to be on one main element, but surrounded by other complementary sub-elements.

Make sure your hardscape flows well. Don’t add items that appear unnatural or out of place in your layout.

Be certain hardscape items you add are proportionate to the space available and your surroundings. For example, don’t use large rocks in a small yard – they’ll stick out like a store thumb.

Do leave some grassy areas if you have pets or children to consider. These areas are important to them for play time or just to simply relax in the warm sun.

Add variety, but add it tastefully. You don’t want a hodge-podge of colors and textures. Choose a two or three color-theme with a few one textured pieces thrown in to complement the overall look.

If things get too overwhelming or you feel you just need a second opinion, consult a landscape expert at your local nursery or at one of many online gardening sites. They can offer some good advice without having to hire someone. Also, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Consider your skills and abilities when designing your outdoor living area layout plan.

Last but certainly not least, remember whatever hardscape elements you choose, make sure you have the appropriate materials to secure them in the case of any-weather occurrences. These materials are important – you don’t want to jeopardize all your hard work or the money you spent.

Take your time in the beginning to make it right, and you’ll be pleased with the results!
Design and Decorating Tips
Decorating with outdoor plants is a great way to introduce visual interest and a personal, creative touch to your home. The variety of shapes, the range of color, and the natural textures of living elements make your design choices as unique as they are limitless.

Using Containers
Container planters, available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, offer you a wide range of design versatility. Choose containers that will complement the landscaping design style of your outside space.

Think about using eco-friendly, all natural coco liners. They make great container liners, particularly for wire and metal planters, stands and hanging baskets. They keep soil in and aid in keeping it moist.

Plus, coco is naturally resistant to insects, bacteria, fungi, mold and diseases. Known for their excellent drainage and aeration properties, coco liners promote visibly better, faster plant growth by rehydrating easily while preventing root rot.

If it’s aesthetics you’re after, you’ll find the rich, natural color of coconut fiber complements the beauty of any plant. For a different look, porous coco liners also let you grow trailing plants so they emerge from the liner through the sides of the decorative basket. If you’re decorating a deck or balcony, there are coco-lined planters, specifically made to adorn as fitted rail planters, hanging horse trough styles and baskets made specifically to fit corners and posts.

You can also use your coco liners with decorative pots made from clay, terra cotta, ceramic or plastic.

Add Height
When considering your design plan, create visual interest by varying the heights of your greenery. You can mix floor planters with plant stands in an assortment of heights and styles. Add hanging plant varieties like spider plants and ferns alternating with flowering varieties to add color and contrast. Plants can even be suspended upside down for a unique and eye-pleasing display by using coco-lined planters. Potted trees such as the ficus and palm also are great for adding height and drama to the space.

An ideal way to grow “up” is a modular vertical planting system that utilizes stacking planter boxes for flowers and foliage. These versatile modular units come in varying heights and widths and can be configured to create screens of living plants to add privacy to decks, patios and even to apartment and condo balconies.

Whether on a spacious deck or a small balcony, a vertical planting system adds the life and color of plants to your living space without taking up floor space.

Another aspect of growing ”up” is climbing plants which can serve a variety of uses. Use climbing plants with trellises, arbors, obelisks and other supports around your space to create privacy screens and block unwanted and unsightly views. Climbing plants grow quickly so they offer an almost instant solution depending on your need and your desired effect.

Climbing plants add character and soften the appearance of your home and garden while creating a beautiful and unique touch that’s all your own. Plant shrubs and flowers at the base to extend screening space from side-to-side. Well-anchored, sturdy metal stand-alone trellises, arbors and obelisks are recommended to support the weight of the plants.

Designing Plant-by-Plant
Choose flowers, plants and greenery that will complement the overall appearance of your home. For a stunning display, mix foliage plants with flowering plants and space the plants close to one another to create a full, lush appearance. Don’t be afraid to pack them together. You’ll achieve a much grander effect.