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Add the same beauty and style to your garden, yard, deck, or patio that you have inside your home. Avant Garden Décor has the best selection of outdoor decorating products and solutions to fit any style.

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Expand your outdoor décor with our selection of functional and decorative Perky-Pet® brand bird feeders and Iron Stop®®™ wind spinners.
Functional and decorative, our CobraCo® fence borders accent your landscape.
These unique designs allow you to add a touch of your personality to any indoor our outdoor space.

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Beautify virtually any railing with our CobraCo® adjustable flower box holders. These holders feature a pantented railing bracket that adjusts to fit railings between two and six inches wide as well as a non-tip bumper to keep them level.

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Outdoor Decorator

Decorating your yard, porch, deck, or garden is just as important as decorating the interior of your home, and Avant Garden Décor features the perfect selection of products to help you do that with style and ease. From our CobraCo™ brand flower planters, plant stands, and flower box holders, to our Iron Stop® wind spinners, wind chimes, and cystal twisters, to our Perky Pet brand decorative bird feeders, Avant Garden Decor is the complete destination for outdoor decorating products, solutions, and ideas.