Whether you are greening up your porch in the city, or adding color to the deck on your country home, Avant Garden Décor has the tools to make container gardening a breeze.

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View our selection of complete plant care kits featuring Safer® Brand organic plant care solutions and Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® gardening supplies to make gardening easy.

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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® saucers and mats are the perfect accessories for any potted plant - indoors or outdoors.

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The CobraCo® Plant Sitter provides a continous source of water for plants. Never overwater your plants again, and keep them watered while you are away on vacation.

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Great for decorating indoors or outdoors, our CobraCo® plant stands are available in all shapes and sizes to match any décor.

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Container Gardener

Growing plants in containers involves a different set of challenges and rewards than traditional gardening. Whether you are adding color to your porch with some CobraCo® hanging baskets, or you are raising vegetables in pots because of limited yard space, Avant Garden Decor has a full selection of CobraCo® and Gardener's Blue Ribbon® products to help you turn small spaces into giant rewards.

We've got great tips and information about container gardening and our quality products. Learn more by watching the videos below. Be sure to check out all of our videos here.
All About Container Gardening

Container gardens add life and color to decks, porches, patios and dull corners in the yard. You can use container gardens for shrubs and flowers, and also for herbs, vegetables and small fruit trees. There are so many different types of planters and flower boxes; you can create container gardens in a myriad of styles.
CobraCo™® Plant Sitter®

The CobraCo™® Plant Sitter® Water System is an automatic watering system that provides a healthy well-balanced diet of water & fertilizer for your plants. Includes a 1 quart tank and ceramic sensor and fits almost any planter. The CobraCo™® Plant Sitter® provides drip irrigation for a houseplant up to 3 weeks, so it's ideal for when you are away from home on vacation.