All About Bulbs: WATER BULBS

There are a few water bulbs that can be planted indoors and will be sprouting in no time with the use of a jar, pebbles and water. Amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs are the perfect for keeping your green thumb exercised during cold winter months!

Let’s get started! Fill a shallow container with rocks or pebbles. Create a small dip in the rocks and place the bulb in the dip. The bulb’s roots will tangle through the rocks or pebbles and find a water source.

Once the bulb is in place, fill the container with water. Pour the water so that it covers a few millimeters of the bulb’s base. We like to place moss or foliage on top to create a “compost” of sorts. This also helps keep moisture in.

Keep an eye on the water line of the container, as the plant grows it will pull moisture from the water source. You will need to add water every few days to keep your plant growing.

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