Video of the Month: How To Decorate A Patio


Are you wondering how you are going to decorate your patio this year? Wonder no more… AvantGarden® has all the answers! Watch our video to find out great expert tips and advice.

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  • Judy Lynn Taylor says:

    I sooo enjoy all your info—thanks for everything :) Gardening is my therapy & gift to others

  • Bonnie Harr says:

    Great ideas, love this site <3

  • Mary Allen says:

    Seeing this makes me want to do more with color and hights. I love gardening & it gives me great pleasure to see things grow. With limited $$ cuz my husband resently became disabled & I am now his caregiver so I had to stop working outside the home gardening is my gift to myself! I’m glad I found your site! Thanks for sharing.

  • Besides plants and flowers and the patio furniture, one may also consider having a full, permanent patio cover or something more versatile such as canopies, awnings and patio umbrellas.

    Very good video on patio design.

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