Tomato Surplus?

Seven Super Uses for Tomatoes

Too many tomatoes?
If you think you're stuck with extra tomatoes, think again! There are plenty of options for using all your extra tomatoes.

When it comes to cashing in your tomato bank, the possibilities are endless. After all, the tomato is one of the most versatile vegetables that you can grow in the garden. It also helps that most tomato plants are incredibly abundant producers — some varieties of tomatoes can generate hundreds of pounds of fruit.

Surplus tomatoes or not, it  doesn’t get much better than eating fresh tomatoes that you grew in your backyard! Why not use as many of them as you possibly can?

Extra Tomatoes

If you have a surplus of tomatoes after a great harvest, try adding tomato slices to your favorite meals. They’re a great add-on for grilled cheese sandwiches!

7 Super Uses for Tomatoes

Consider using your extra tomatoes in any of  the following manners:

  1. Sauces — Make a pizza with fresh sauce or tomato toppings. You can also make pasta sauce or ketchup!
  2. Salads — Experiment with salads like mozzarella caprese salad, cucumber tomato salad, or various stacked tomato salads.
  3. Sandwiches –– Jazz up a grilled cheese sandwich with fresh tomatoes or just grill your tomatoes with bread.
  4. Soups — Most tomato soup recipes require several pounds of tomatoes, so they are an excellent way  to use up spare tomatoes. Better yet, try a gazpacho recipe. Yum!
  5. Skin — Believe it or not, but the acids in freshly cut tomato slices work wonders for your skin. They also can help you relieve redness after a sunburn!
  6. Sips — Drop your extras in a saucepan, simmer until soft then toss them into a juicer for a refreshing drink. Homemade Bloody Mary mix is another option.
  7. Salsa — Make salsa following any of the thousands of recipes available on the web. Don’t forget the chips!

Saving Your Tomatoes

It is possible that your plants will produce so many tomatoes that you simply can’t use them all before they go bad.  Don’t give up on them, though. You can save them! Here are some bonus ideas for using your extra tomatoes:

  1. Sealed — Canning your tomatoes is an excellent way to enjoy them throughout the year while maintaining their fresh flavor. Our friends at Organic Gardening Magazine offer great tips to begin canning your own food. Apply these to tomatoes and you’ll be stocked up for a winter full of fresh food!
  2. Sell — Dabble in entrepreneurship by setting up a tomato stand and selling your surplus to neighbors, passersby and the like. Remember that the average pound of tomatoes sells for $1.77 at the store, but only costs you 25 cents to grow. Get a competitive advantage by selling them for a profit while offering them for less than your local supermarkets.
  3. Sunned — Look for recipes for creating your own sun-dried tomatoes. Once properly dried out, these tasty snacks can last for months when properly stored!

How Are You Using Your Extra Tomatoes?

Did you try one of these ideas for your extra tomatoes? Tell us about all the uses for tomatoes you’ve found in the comments below. You can also check in with us at Facebook for the latest gardening ideas or subscribe to our E-Newsletter for a regular email on all the great sales at Avant Garden Decor.

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