How Do I Use My Fire Pit in the Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall?

Use your fire pit all year
You can use your fire pit all year long.

When people think of fire pits, they usually associate this backyard centerpiece with a summer evening. A fire pit offers you a night off. A time of relaxation. A chance to watch the flames dance and listen to the sounds of nature around you. Then you add in the marshmallows, shish kebabs and hot dogs. When it all comes together, it turns into to a night of magic.

But those warm summer nights aren’t the only time for a fire pit. If you have a CobraCo fire pit, then you’ve got the right tool to enjoy a backyard fire throughout every season.

Snack at the fire pit


The summer was made for cooking out and enjoying the outdoors, and adding a fire pit makes the experience all the better.

Your fire pit helps you build memories and creates a focal point within your yard. Fire pits make it easy to start a pleasant campfire. No matter the size or shape of your fire pit, it provides a great gathering place for your favorite summer activities.

  • MAKING SNACKS – One of the best parts about owning a fire pit is that you can use it to make your favorite campfire snack without all the hassle of a campfire. No need to dig a hole, create a ring of rocks or crawl on the ground to get it lighted. Instead, you can get to the fun stuff right away – making s’mores, toasting marshmallows and roasting hot dogs.
  • DETERRING PESTS – It’s definitely one of the least pleasant things about being outside at night – the mosquitoes. Your fire pit can act as a natural deterrent to mosquitoes. They don’t like the heat or the hint of smoke twisting off your fire pit.
  • ON THE ROAD — Heading out for a weekend at the cabin by the lake? Or even over to your uncle’s for a family get-together? Your CobraCo fire pit can go with you – they’re sturdy, durable and very portable. Don’t hesitate to take the fire pit experience with you.


You’ve spent all day raking leaves, packing up your summer furniture, and cleaning out brush. While you do that, there’s a nagging voice in the back of your head. It’s telling you to put away your fire pit, too. It’s saying “stow it away for the winter.” But don’t do it. There’s a wealth of experiences ahead for you and your family.

  • FOOTBALL RALLY – The big game is coming up. The whole family is excited and you’re eager to keep them that way. That’s where the fire pit comes in to play. Use it as you host your very own backyard tailgate party. Start a mini bonfire, sing some fight songs, and chow down before you settle in for kick-off.
  • BRUSH REMOVAL – Remember all that brush you’ve been cleaning up? Well, your fire pit is the perfect place to get rid of it all. No need to bundle it up for the garbage men to haul away. Instead, trim it down and add it to the woodpile for later. If you use your fire pit to its full potential, you’re going to need all that. It makes perfect kindling.

Stay warm in the winter with a fire pit


Now that you’ve decided to keep your fire pit out in the yard through the fall, go one step farther and keep it out through the winter too. Sure, it will might  get snowed on if you live up north, but that’s why CobraCo gives you a weather-resistant cover. Leave that cover on when your fire pit is not in use — but don’t shy away from using the fire pit when the snow’s flying.

  • CELEBRATE THE SEASON –  A holiday celebration is extra special around a backyard fire pit. Maybe you’ll sing some carols and exchange gifts around the roaring fire or toast the New Year as the countdown begins. Celebrating around your fire pit will make it especially memorable and warm.
  • AFTER THE FIRST SNOW – When the first snow flies, you know it’s time to get back outside. Warm up a cup of hot chocolate and take a few minutes to watch the landscape around you transform into a winter wonderland.


Your fire pit has been outside for almost a year now. You’ve been a fan since you first assembled it last summer, and then used it through the fall and winter. Now the outdoor world is waking up again, and you are too. You’ve got gardening to do. There’s a lawn to revive, and your fire pit can be part of that.

  • HELPING YOUR PLANTS – If you’re careful what you burn – be sure not to use pressure treated wood – you’ll find you’ve actually created a beneficial mixture for your plants. This ash, which is high in potassium, can go into your flower and plant beds and will help fuel a season’s worth of growth. Just wait for it to cool and then scatter it into the soil.
  • COOKING DINNER – Your ash mixture can help you cultivate a wide variety of vegetables to compliment any springtime dinner. You can use your fire pit – just follow this guide to build a barbecue grate.  It works best with these copper fire tubs, and this steel fire pit. From there, you’re ready to make a complete meal.

You can find a reason in every season to spark up a fire!

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