Bulbs generally fall into two main categories – spring flowering bulbs and summer flowering bulbs.

Spring Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs are hardy and often serve as a first sign of spring when they bloom. They are planted before fall’s first frost and are able to withstand the cold winter months. Most spring flowering varieties, such as daffodils, are able to flower year after year without being replanted.

Summer Bulbs

Summer flowering bulbs are planted after the season’s last frost because they are not able to survive cold and harsh winter conditions. These varieties, too, can flower year after year, but only if cared for properly. They must be dug up after flowering and becoming dormant, stored indoors over winter and then replanted after the next year’s final frost to be viable.

Spring flowering bulbs include daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, while summer varieties include gladiolus, dahlia, and canna.


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