All About Roses: ROSE PRUNING

As rose bushes grow they will need to be maintained so they remain healthy and provide optimal blooms. Rose pruning is the act of trimming and maintaining your rose bushes. Don’t worry that a pruning mistake will ruin the look of your beautiful rose bushes, as they will most likely grow out within a short period of time.

Equip yourself with clean and sharp tools and thick gardening gloves. When you start pruning you’ll want to start at the base of the plant and move your way out and up.  Cuts should be made at 45-degree angles and about ¼ inch above buds facing the outside of the plant.

You will want to remove all stalks that are broken or dead and any diseased or dying wood. Additionally you’ll want to prune to open the center of the plant, which will further provide air (space) and water to the plant.

Pruning is done at various times depending on which gardening hardiness zone you reside. Mostly gardeners will prune in the spring, and a good indicator of proper pruning time is when forsythia is in bloom. Check your hardiness zone information for any variations of pruning you should be aware of.

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