ALL ABOUT BEANS: What is a legume?

So, what exactly is a legume? Legumes are defined as the long seedpod, or edible portion, of a leguminous plant. Included in the legume family are nuts, peas, lentils, and beans. Beans are the most common variety of legumes and include black beans, soybeans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and lima beans. They are high in protein and carbohydrates, but low in fat, and foodies appreciate them for their healthy but filling servings.

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Fire Pit Cook Top Recipes!

An easy and fun way to cook on your  fire pit cook top is to use the “foil pack” method. You can prepare them at home, freeze them for transportation, and then keep them in the cooler until you’re ready to cook. Try this easy foil pack recipe via AllRecipes.com: INGREDIENTS: 1 pound skinless, boneless [...]

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Cast Iron Skillet Campfire Cooking

Go “old-school” and use a cast iron skillet to cook on your outdoor fire this summer! There are a few basics to know for better cast iron skillet cooking and they are cleaning and seasoning.

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Outdoor Food Safety Tips to Avoid Foodborne Illness

Protecting your family from food-borne illness is crucial when cooking outdoors. Warmer temperatures and limited chilling resources create obstacles for cooking outside, although the right steps and precautions can make these situations manageable.

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Turn Your Fire Pit into a Cook Top

Take your fire pit experience to the next level by using it as a cooking station! Follow these simple steps to create a cook top for your fire pit!

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Aerating lawn

Aeration and Your Lawn

If you notice your lawn is not accepting water as well as it used to it may be time to aerate it. Aeration bores holes into the lawn that allows for water and air circulation.

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Fertilizer and Your Lawn

Fertilizer applied to your lawn allows the soil to feed the grass and create a healthy, lush green covering.

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Lawn Pests and Diseases

The following are pests and diseases you should watch for during this lawn care season.

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Grass Varieties to Try!

Think grass is just grass? Think again! We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite grass varieties that we think you should try!

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Your Lawn’s Soil Health

Your lawn’s soil health is key. If your lawn is suffering from brown patches, sparse or irregular growth, or pale grass there are a few things you can do to help encourage a healthier developing process. The soil beneath your grass creates an ecosystem for your lawn to grow and when you do too little, [...]

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