Make a Pinecone Bird Seed Ornament

Pinecone image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /
Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /

Pinecone Bird Seed Ornaments are perfect for decorating your outdoor holiday tree and make awesome gifts for garden lovers! Collect the following items to create your own!

Using the Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Twine, tie a knot around the pinecone about three sections from the top. Create a loop of twine and attach to the same spot on the pinecone. On the paper plate place a large glob of peanut butter. Using the butter knife fill in the spaces of the pinecone with peanut butter.

On the paper plate pour birdseed and roll the peanut butter covered pinecone around. Cover the pinecone in birdseed and sprinkle extra over it to take place in the cracks and crevices.

Your Pinecone Ornament is now ready to hang outside or to be given as a gift! If you plan to gift these ornaments you will want to place it in a cellophane bag and secure the top with ribbon.

Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan /

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