All About Leafy Greens: Kale Types and How To Grow Them

If there can be a trendy vegetable of the moment, kale is certainly it these days. It’s hard to look over a menu in any upscale restaurant these days without seeing kale appearing as a side dish or “bed” for a couple of entrees.

And even thought it seems to have exploded in popularity just recently, kale has been around since people started recording what they were eating.

Among the many varieties of kale, the biggest differences are in color and their hardiness. Green, red, savoy, curled and fringed work well in early spring and late summer gardens, while redbor handles the cold exceptionally well and is perfect for winter gardens. The Scottish blue curl is a smaller variety and works well in small gardens.

If you’re growing from seeds for harvest in winter, start the seeds in July, making sure to place them in a sunny spot. Most kale will withstand a light frost, and planting in cold frames will help you extend your winter harvest even further.


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