Your Lawn’s Soil Health

Your lawn’s soil health is key. If your lawn is suffering from brown patches, sparse or irregular growth, or pale grass there are a few things you can do to help encourage a healthier developing process. The soil beneath your grass creates an ecosystem for your lawn to grow and when you do too little, or too much, to that ecosystem you can cause an imbalance.

An unhealthy lawn can often be contributed to thatch, or the layer of dead grass and grass roots that has accumulated on top of the soil surface, generally a result of over-fertilizing. A thick layer of thatch blocks airflow, nutrient movement, and moisture retention, but it isn’t necessary to remove all thatch. A thin layer provides protection to the healthy grass’s roots while a thick layer cuts off the roots’ lifeline.

If your lawn has a thin layer of thatch there is an easy do-it-yourself remedy. Using a steel-tine rake you can rake your lawn vigorously to reduce the thatch accumulation. A lawn with a dense layer of thatch will benefit best from using a dethatching machine. Your local lawn service or hardware store can help you determine which is best for your situation. After dethatching you will want to decrease the number of fertilizing treatments you apply to your lawn.

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