Aerating lawn

Aeration and Your Lawn

If you notice your lawn is not accepting water as well as it used to it may be time to aerate it. Aeration bores holes into the lawn that allows for water and air circulation. If you’re not sure whether your lawn needs aeration you can cut a section of grass out to determine.  Cut the patch about 5-6 inches deep. If the grass roots do not exceed growth of two inches then your lawn should be aerated.

In the few days leading up to lawn aeration you should heavily water your lawn – about 1 inch of water should be applied.

There are a few ways that you can aerate – one is manually and one is mechanically. Manual aerators are available in various forms – spikes that can be applied to the wheels of a tractor, lawn aerator shoes, or even a pitchfork. Mechanically there are expensive machines that are able to aerate your lawn by physically removing portions (plugs of about two inches deep and a quarter inch wide) of the lawn. Aeration machines are available for rent from a local hardware store on an hourly basis.

We recommend aerating your lawn in two passes to ensure enough perforations are made. Once you are finished aerating your lawn you can apply moisture and fertilizer to the lawn.

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