Lawn Pests and Diseases

Throughout the season you may notice that areas of your lawn are not as vibrant as others. You may be experiencing an issue where insects or disease are affecting your grass and its ecosystem. The following are pests and diseases you should watch for:

Grubs – grubs are the larval stage of beetles and feed on grass roots. One of the first signs of a grub problem is an influx of birds and sometimes lawn or garden damage from rooting or tunneling of skunks, raccoons, opossums, moles and other animals. Safer® Brand Grub Killer can be applied to your lawn and will quickly resolve your grub issue.

Rust – there are over 5,000 known species of rust that can affect plants and lawn and is typically brownish-yellow to bright orange in color. Rust is comprised of spores that spread easily from one area of your lawn to another. Safer® Brand Garden Fungicide alleviates a rust issue.

Powdery Mildew –a white or grey substance that, if left untreated, can take over a large area of your lawn. Safer® Brand Garden Fungicide can be applied to problem areas for treatment.

Anthracnose – a fungal blight that causes reddish-brown areas on your lawn ranging from 2 inches to 10 feet in width. Using a product such as Safer® Brand Garden Fungicide will prevent further spread and eliminate the leaf spot all together.

Monitoring how much water your lawn is receiving will help you with issues related to mold – anthracnose, powdery mildew, rust, and more. Although we cannot determine how much rain the lawn will get we do need to be cognizant of watering habits. Make sure your lawn does not take more than 1 inch of manually applied water weekly to help avoid a breeding ground for bacteria.

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