The highlight of using bulbs for gardening is the ease of planting bulbs. Bulbs can be planted pretty much anywhere as long as the soil is well drained. Prepare the soil by digging and moving it around so it is workable. Add some compost in and mix it through to provide well-nourished surroundings for the bulb.

Using bulb-specific guidelines plant your bulbs in the soil at their recommended depth. A general rule of thumb is that small bulbs are planted about 5 inches deep, while large bulbs can be planted 8 inches deep. The bulb should be planted with the pointier side up, but don’t worry if you don’t, bulbs are typically able to move themselves upright so they grow and flower.

This is most important – never put fertilizer in the dug out hole with the bulb. Fertilizer is capable of killing the bulb and its roots. Organic fertilizer can be used on the soil outside the bulb’s casing if you deem it necessary.

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