Holiday Tablescapes!

Add flair and zest to your holiday meal by creating an environment that embraces the season! Your dining room, with the right holiday tablescape, can become a winter wonderland that will be enjoyed by guests while eating and socializing.

Using textured table linens and items from around your home, a table can become a visual centerpiece. Place a cloth on your table that will be the base of your décor. In the center use candles, greens, and holiday themed knick-knacks such as ornaments, crystals, or plants to adorn the table.

Stack dishes for each person to save space and place cutlery and glasses in their respective positions. Fun place cards can be made using our seed paper ornament recipe, or place a pinecone ornament labeled with each guest’s name on their plate.

For an added wonderland feel, look beyond the table. Place motorized wind spinners above your table to create a feeling of sitting below a falling snow. Guests will marvel in the scene as they enjoy their holiday meal!

Enjoy this holiday season by filling your home with a festive and seasonal vibe. Using the ideas above and your own personal touches you’ll be creating a holiday space ready to entertain in no time!

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