Holiday Houseplants!

We love the holidays and we love houseplants, so why not combine the two? Consider giving one of our favorite holiday houseplants as a gift this season!

Amaryllis Flower


Amaryllis, Amaryllis belladonna: a popular winter-blooming plant most commonly known for large lily-like petals and a tall, sturdy stem. Easy to plant and easy to care for, the Amaryllis blooms indoors but would not be able to survive outdoors during winter.



ist1_2425192-red-poinsettia-on-whitePoinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima: widely available, and very commonly used for holiday decorating, the poinsettia is know for its bright red flower-like leaves, which are called “brachts.” While being famous for the bright red color, Poinsettias are also available in a variety of colors, ranging from peach to blue to white, however the red color is still the most popular.



Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera bridesii: a year-round blooming plant, the Christmas Cactus can survive in both low and intense light. Blooms range in color from yellow to fuchsia to white.





Paperwhites, Narcissus papyraceus: bright white and fragrant, the Paperwhite is an easy to plant and easy to grow flower. Set the bulbs in a stone and water container for a simple display.

Paperwhite image via Jackson & Perkins

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