Grass Varieties to Try!

Think grass is just grass? Think again! We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite grass varieties that we think you should try!

Generally speaking, there are two categories of grass – cool-season grass and warm-season grass. Cool-season grass is adapted to northern climates where peak growing occurs in the spring and fall but turn brown in hot summers. Most often cool-season grass seed is sold as a mixture of varieties in the event that one type doesn’t root well another will.

Warm-season grasses grow best in Southern hot summers while the spring and fall create a dormant environment for them. This grass type is more dense than its cool-season counterparts and is mostly laid as a sod rather than grown from seeds.

Depending on where you live there are certain grasses that will fare better than others. Here are a few of our favorite varieties:

Bluegrass – a cooler northern area favorite, bluegrass thrives on sunlight, good soil and a regular water supply.

St. Augustine – warm climates featuring sandy soil grow this blue-green variety well.

Bermuda – highly weed resistant and draught tolerant, the Bermuda variety can serve well in the winter when overseeded with rye.

Buffalo – a native to North America, this grass is draught-resistant.

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