What to Look for When Picking Out Your Next Fire Pit

blazing logs in a fire pit
Add a fire pit to your outdoor decor.

With our years of experience creating fire pit designs, CobraCo® has developed a few tips on what to consider when choosing your fire pit.

Copper Fire Pit

The copper fire pits from CobraCo are built to last.

When deciding to offer a fire pit, CobraCo® considers a number of points. These same points can help you when you’re shopping for the best fire pit for your backyard.

A quality fire pit should have the following features:

  • Durable Metal – Fire pits can be made from a variety of materials. Metal is the best option when you aren’t looking to create a permanent structure. CobraCo® offers — copper, steel or cast iron.
  • Quality Finish – Whether it’s polished metal, a high-temp paint or a specialized design, the finishes on fire pits matter. They need to look great but also resist the effects of heat, weather and anything else that comes with regular use of a fire pit.
  •  Proven Stability – CobraCo® fire pits are built to hold a lot of firewood. As such, they need to be stable and resist tipping over.
  • Portability – While cast iron, copper and steel are all sturdy materials, each CobraCo® design allows you to remove your fire bowl from the base. This enables you to easily move the structure and re-design your outdoor living space.
  • Safety Features – Every CobraCo® fire pit comes with a spark screen and, when needed, a screen removal tool. The screen stops embers from flying out and keeps your fire contained. The screen removal tool helps you move the spark screen when it’s hot to the touch.
  • Pleasing Appearance – There’s a reason we don’t just have an old oil drum out back to use as a fire pit – it would just be too ugly. CobraCo® fire pits are designed to look great and become a focal point for backyard entertaining.
  • Helpful Accessories & Add-Ons – Inside the box of every CobraCo® fire pit is an all-weather cover to shield it from the elements. Looking for more? Check out our fire pit benches and s’mores forks.

Ready to explore the fire pits available from Avant Garden Decor? Take a look at CobraCo’s great selection!


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