Garden Tools and Equipment

Quality garden tools and equipment don’t come cheap so protecting your investment for use year after year is important. Let’s discuss how to keep our garden gear in top shape for extended life.

Storage is the most crucial form of care for your tools and equipment. Keeping moisture out and creating a dry environment for your gear is important so be sure to stow away in a garage, shed or airtight bin. If left outdoors, wooden handles can crack, split, and splinter creating a very tough tool to work with. Rust also becomes a huge issue for metal surfaces, so take the extra time to return items to a safe place.

Keeping your tools and equipment clean is beneficial for extended product life, too. Dirt will hold moisture causing damage to wooden features and creating a breeding ground for rust. Wipe all tools clean using a little turpentine and water and dry using an absorbent cloth.

Sharp tools are helpful tools. Every so often you’ll want to sharpen your tools so they do a better job and are better garden assistants. Visit your local hardware store and purchase a file for metal surfaces. Using one long stroke move the flat edge of the file down the beveled edge of the blade you’re sharpening. Once at the end you’ll want to lift the file and place it back at the opposite edge of the blade. Running the file back and forth does not continuously sharpen your blade; in fact it does nothing more than dull your file.

Blades for your weed whacker, lawn mower, and larger lawn and garden equipment can be sharpened, too. We recommend, for safety reasons, taking them to a garden center and allowing professionals to assist in the maintenance. These large blades can be extremely dangerous and injuries can be prevented for a small investment.

With the appropriate actions and a little TLC your garden gear can be helpful for many seasons. Often the best way to keep your tools working top notch is simply a preventive step here and there!

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