Your Garden Planning: Garden Goals

Flower Gardening in Containers
Creating a flower garden in containers is one way to add spots of color throughout your yard, deck, and patio.

As with most large projects, defining goals for your garden is the ideal way to begin this planting season! To help you we’ve put together some of our garden goals when we go to plan our gardens:

  1. Decorative gardens to provide visual value to a home – flowers can create a backdrop and decorative value to your property
  2. Gardens created as a food source – growing your own produce allows you access to fresh food at a fraction of retail cost
  3. Gardens created to provide a habitat to certain animals or insects – used to provide a home or food source for butterflies, birds, and more, gardens can have a highly beneficial relationship with animals
  4. Gardens to test various crops or provide hobby – sometimes you may want to garden just for the sake of gardening, and we dig that goal too!

Thinking about this year’s garden and the impact you’re hoping it will make? Share your gardening goals in the comment section below or visit us on Facebook and share with us there!

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