Firewood Options for Your Backyard Fires


Using your fire pit is a great way to create an ambiance outdoors. Sitting around the fire is enjoyable most of the year and allows you to extend your outdoor season by keeping you warm. Burning different woods in your fire pit can impact your fire experience, so let’s explore which woods are best for your next fire!

  • Ash Wood – Ash burns very hot
  • Fir – Favorably smelling and easy to burn, fir is a smoky and sparky wood
  • Oak – Although harder to get burning, oak burns hot and produces little smoke
  • Maple – the hard-to-light maple produces little smoke and odor
  • Pine – Plentiful in nature, pine burns easy and has an enjoyable smell
  • Spruce – Smoky and sparky, spruce is not a high-heat producer 

When finding and using your own wood it is important to remain cognizant of woods overgrown with poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. If you come in contact with this wood when gathering it, you will develop a very itchy and unpleasant rash. Burning these woods will cause the irritants to enter your lungs through inhaling the smoke. Generally this is followed with a painful respiratory infection.

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