Gardens dedicated to the rose have been around for centuries. Whether it was an amateur gardener embracing a rose theme or the royal monarchy growing rows and rows of roses as a means of embracing their bartering power, the rose garden has a fan following and has created some of the most popular gardening destinations in the world. Let’s see where the top famous rose gardens exist and why they’re favorite vacation destinations:

  1. France – La Roseraie du Val de Marne – the world’s oldest existing garden devoted solely to roses was created in 1894 and contains a collection of roses and species specific to the time it was built.
  2. Japan – Flower Festival Commemorative Park – Two main rose gardens – the Rose Theme Garden and Royal Rose Garden – comprise this park containing 7,000 varieties and 30,000 plants.
  3. United States – International Rose Test Garden – is a hot bed of new rose varieties as it is the world’s testing ground for hybrid roses.
  4. United Kingdom – Coughton Court – The Rose Labyrinth is the only British garden given the Award of Garden Excellence by the International Federation of Rose Societies
  5. Australia – Ruston’s Rose Garden – Grounds containing 50,000 rose bushes and 4,000 varieties cover this garden that was created in 1924. The garden is open 363 days a year!
  6. United Kingdom – Hever Castle and Gardens – The childhood home of Anne Boleyn features a walled rose garden hosting over 4,000 rose bushes.
  7. Monaco – Princess Grace Rose Garden – A home to over 4,000 rose bushes, this garden celebrates the Princess’s favorite flower and subject of her book “My Book of Flowers” which was published in 1980.
  8. Ireland – The City of Belfast International Rose Garden – This garden of over 30,000 rose bushes hosts and annual Rose Week every July where final judging of the international rose trials takes place.
  9. Spain – The Cervantes Rose Garden – A collection of 10,000 international rose bushes is displayed in this garden set on a hill in Barcelona.
  10. South Africa – Vergelegen Rose Gardens – Combined with a vineyard, this estate, who’s name means “situated far away,” hosts a themed rose garden focused on formal hybrid tea rose varieties.

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