Creating Curb Appeal

Deck with Flower Baskets

When it comes to décor, the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Make a lasting impression by adding curb appeal with these quick yardscaping tips:

1. Outdoor lighting

Highlight the features of your yard with landscape lighting. Try using them in trees or to illuminate a walking path. Solar fixtures are an alternative option if you’re not able to use wiring.

2. Container gardens

Don’t have time to plant an entire garden in the ground? Container gardens are just as welcoming and eye-catching. Get started with containers and your favorite plants. Arrange containers asymmetrically and on plant stands to create a dynamic effect.

3. Update garden beds

Get your garden beds back in order by pruning, weeding, planting flowers and adding new mulch. Clean up the border of your garden and reset anything that winter may have knocked out of place.

4. Outdoor art

Complete the look of your yard by adding weather-resistant artwork like bird baths, bird feeders, sculptures and wind art. If you have the space and resources, water sculptures or fountains create a soothing atmosphere on hot summer days.

5. Flower overload

Draw in eyes by spreading vibrant flowers throughout your entire front yard. Use containers, window boxes and flower beds. Choose a color scheme to complement the shade of your house and other décor.

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