COMMERCIAL TOMATO GROWING EXPOSED: Convincing reasons why you should grow your own tomatoes!

Here are some REALLY good reasons why you should grow your own tomatoes. Read “Tomatoland” by Barry Estabrook. Or be convinced by these excerpts from the NY Times book review…

“South Florida, where nearly all of America’s winter tomatoes are grown, is nearly…(an)…alien…environment for farming. It’s insane that tomatoes are grown there at all.

“Florida’s sandy soil, Mr. Estabrook writes, is as devoid of plant nutrients as a pile of moon rocks. “Florida growers may as well be raising their plants in a sterile hydroponic medium.”

He continues, witheringly: “To get a successful crop, they pump the soil full of chemical fertilizers and can blast the plants with more than 100 different herbicides and pesticides, including some of the most toxic in agribusiness’s arsenal.” Migrant workers are coated with these chemicals too. The toll that’s taken on them, in the form of birth defects, cancer and other ailments, is hideous to observe and should fill those who eat Florida tomatoes with shame.

And all this for what? Hard, tasteless, uniform green balls that barely dent when they fall off a truck at 60 miles per hour and that must be gassed to achieve the sick-pink hue they present in supermarkets.

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  • CathyH says:

    I heard this story on the radio this past weekend. Green tomato are exposed to some light that makes them red too. Right now enjoying fresh tomato from my garden..delicious! I planted 10 varieties and a rainbow of colors.

  • Molly says:

    Refuse to buy grocery tomatoes anymore, over priced and tasteless. After growing our first crop years ago and truly tasting tomatoes sweet and meaty, could never go back. Planted 6 tomatoes this year and the first ripe tomato was so large it lasted three days and would have cost a fortune from the produce dept. Mother nature provided another 8 plants of three different types from last years plantings. Just a few more days and we’ll be in tomato heaven.

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