Cleaning Your Outdoor Surfaces


When prepping your garden for winter you will also want to give attention to your outdoor living  spaces. Winter moisture and wear and tear can leave your deck, sidewalks, patio furniture and other outdoor surfaces looking worn. Algae and moss can take residence on your surfaces creating a green tint and film.

Safer® Brand Moss and Algae Killer is an effective and environmentally friendly product that will help you get the job done. This all-natural moss killer utilizes the natural effectiveness of potassium salts to rid your deck, roof, siding, walkways, lawn and more of algae and moss. This product is USDA National Organic Program compliant for use in organic gardening.

Repainting or re-staining outdoor furniture, patio surfaces, and decks is also ideal in early spring. Use environmentally friendly materials on your outdoor surfaces to ensure you won’t be adding chemicals and substances that may cause adverse effects for the plants surrounding these areas. You may also want to apply rust-resisting spray to any sculptures or metal décor that you keep outdoors.

Cleaning your birdhouses, birdfeeders and birdbaths that have been stowed away for winter months is crucial, too. Using a mild soap and warm water, thoroughly clean all components of your bird-friendly equipment and towel dry. Birds will benefit from regularly cleaning these throughout spring and summer.

Taking time to clean up and restore your outdoor entertaining space and its furniture will improve the longevity of the materials and save you the hassle and time of replacing them. Not only will you appreciate a clean and beautiful outdoor space but your guests will, too!

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