Vegetable & Seed Guides

Guides to understanding a variety of species of vegetables and their seeds.

Overwintering Garlic

All About Overwintering: Garlic

Garlic, like onions and spinach, is a cold-tolerant and hardy plant that overwinters very well. Hardneck varieties are best for overwintering garlic, rather than the typical softneck supermarket varieties that you may be most familiar with.

Overwintering Onions

All About Overwintering: Onions

Although typically planted in the spring, harvested late summer, and stored for use until next summer, onions can have two major harvest cycles and you may be using only one of them. Begin overwintering onions in September and eat fresh onions in late spring!

young plants


Now that you are aware that there are many different beans you can plant, it is time to get them in the ground! Each bean variety has its own specifics, so make sure you check their directions when getting ready to sow seeds.