Outdoor Living

Whether your favorite backyard activity is playing a game or horseshoes, decorating your porch, or resting by the fire pit, we have the info to help you make the best of your yard.

Firewood tips

Firewood Options for

Your Backyard Fires

Using your fire pit is a great way to create an ambiance outdoors. Sitting around the fire is enjoyable most of the year and allows you to extend your outdoor season by keeping you warm. Burning different woods in your fire pit can impact your fire experience, so let’s explore which woods are best for your next fire!

Garden Mulch

Mulching 101

When we think of the word mulch we tend to envision brown, bark-like material applied to a flowerbed, but did you know mulch exists in many forms? Let’s explore why mulch benefits your gardens and what options are available for your home and budget.

Yard statues

Cleaning Your Outdoor Surfaces

When prepping your garden for winter you will also want to give attention to your outdoor living spaces. Winter moisture and wear and tear can leave your deck, sidewalks, and patio furniture looking worn. Let’s explore how to get these areas improved for summer entertaining.

Compost Pile

Composting 101

Composting, nature’s recycling process, converts your old scraps and “natural trash” into a nutrient rich treat for your garden. In addition to providing a nutrient boost to soil, compost helps combat plant disease. There are a few ways you can add to your compost pile, and one is by using your old, dead plants.

Gardening for kids

Dig In! Gardening for Kids

Gardening is a constant learning experience. Whether it is a planning, planting, maintaining, or harvesting phase there is always something to learn. Kids can benefit hugely from being involved in your next garden, plus it is a wonderful experience to share as a family.