Healthy houseplants can be a joy to maintain and they also improve your indoor air quality. Visit here to learn more about proper care and a variety of species.

Flowering Gardenia - great smelling houseplant

7 Best Fragrant Houseplants

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to enhance your living spaces. You can still reap the rewards of flower gardening without the challenges of…

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How-To: Grow a Holiday Amaryllis

The amaryllis flower is a beautiful holiday houseplant that is low maintenance and easy to grow. With varying colors available – red, pink, white, and shades in between – there is an amaryllis type everyone would enjoy!


Holiday Tablescapes!

Add flair and zest to your holiday meal by creating an environment that embraces the season! Your dining room, with the right holiday tablescape, can become a winter wonderland that will be enjoyed by guests while eating and socializing.


Holiday Houseplants!

We love the holidays and we love houseplants, so why not combine the two? Consider giving one of our favorite holiday houseplants as a…


10 Tips for Using Artificial Light

on Your Houseplants

Outdoor plants are thankful to spend winter months inside where conditions are less harsh and they can get the attention they need. Being indoors presents a few challenges such as moisture, or lack of moisture, in the air as well as lighting. Natural light for long periods of time is not always possible when plants are indoors, so thankfully there are alternatives!

Indoor Plant tips

Decorative Houseplants 101:
Nine great indoor plants

This is an excerpt.Houseplants offer a variety of benefits including air purification and increased oxygen in our homes, but they’re also capable of beautifying an indoor space. Decorative houseplants can add pops of color and touches of texture to a room in your home. With low cost and low maintenance plants available, you can easily add floral décor to your home. Let’s review a few options that will work for your home or lifestyle.

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Easy-to-Grow Indoor Herbs

Growing herbs indoors should not only be fun, but easy! Herbs are perfect to grow indoors in the colder months because you don’t have to go outdoors to reap the benefits. If you plan on growing your herbs in your kitchen, that’s even better. You can make so many delicious dishes with fresh herbs – you will be amazed.


Top 10 Indoor Plants

If you love your foliage and are stuck inside because of the cold, don’t worry, you can still have your plants and grow them too!