ALL ABOUT BEANS: Common pests and diseases

Bean plants are prone to a handful of pests and disease that could wipe out your entire crop. Arm yourself with the proper solutions before the season begins so you can attack an issue at first sight, before it becomes a problem.

Aphids – sometimes with or without wings, these garden pests are also known as plant lice or green flies. They are a soft-bodied insect and range in color from green to orange to gray/black or white. Aphids produce a sweet, sticky excretion known as honeydew and will make your plants feel sticky. If there is a large infestation the leaves of your plant may curl and turn brown. Outfit your garden arsenal with Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap to manage aphids. Simply spray visible bugs to eliminate them.

Bean Beetles – unlike most beetles that feed on insects, the bean beetle feeds on plants. In colors ranging from red to rusty brown to golden yellow, you will find this beetle doesn’t have a particular bean preference and will feed on most types. If your bean plants’ leaves have a lacey appearance they could be victim, as bean beetles feed on leaves from the underside. A hard-bodied insect killer like Safer® Brand EndALL will kill the beetles on contact. Check undersides of leaves for pupal stage larvae and hand pick them and destroy.

Japanese Beetles – about a half-inch in length, these tiny creatures pack a powerful punch. Shiny bluish-green bodies combined with coppery wings, the Japanese Beetle has small worm-like larvae known as grubs. The adult Japanese Beetle is the predator to the bean plant and will create holes in plant leaves or fully remove the leaves from your bean plant. A preventative measure like the Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Trap will lure beetles away from your plants and trap and kill them. If you find you have a problem with beetles at the larvae stage you’ll want to employ a grub remedy like Safer® Brand Grub Killer.

White Mold – identified as a white cottony growth on the stem, branches, and pods of bean plants, white mold’s inception begins when the soil surface is cool and moist. Very well drained soil helps prevent white mold, while also using Safer® Brand Garden Fungicide to treat issues as they become visible.

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