How to Host a Backyard S’mores Party

s'mores party

Most summertime soirees are only complete when all the guests surround the fire pit to enjoy the crackling flames. But why not make your fire pit the focal point of your backyard gathering right from the start? With fire pits, comes fire pit cooking, and nothing says “summer” quite like roasting s’mores.

That’s why s’mores also makes the perfect theme for an unforgettable outdoor party. After all – there’s always room for s’mores. Get your family and friends in on the marshmallow-roasting action this season with our easy-to-follow tips on hosting your own s’mores party!


What You’ll Need

S’mores parties require only a few supplies and very little preparation time, so they’re a great option for a last minute get-together. Here are a few essentials for creating the perfect s’mores bar:

  • A fire pit or campfire
  • Skewers
  • Chocolate (milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, peppermint patties)
  • Crackers and cookies (graham crackers, Ritz crackers, girl scout cookies)
  • Marshmallows (chocolate, cinnamon, original)
  • Spreads and other fixings (Nutella, peanut butter, fruit)
  • Plates


Get Creative

You may not realize that there’s so much more to s’mores than milk chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. One of the best parts about s’mores is that there’s no end to the amount of combinations you can create. In addition to classic s’mores, don’t be afraid to try new exciting ingredients in all sorts of combinations – they don’t even have to be sweet!

When creating a s’mores theme or menu, just be sure to give people options. Here are 8 unique combinations you can try at your own party:


s'mores party s'mores recipes

Click the image to download the PDF version.


Set Up Your S’mores Bar

S’mores Ingredients. After the fire, the ingredients are the most important part of a s’mores party. Arrange all of your crackers, cookies, spreads, fruits, and other s’mores fillings at a self-serve station. This will allow your guests to use any combination of ingredients they prefer – and they’re sure to love getting creative! Frame a print of our s’mores menu and place at your serving station to inspire guests as they build their own s’mores concoctions.

s'mores party refreshmentsRefreshments. When serving sticky-sweet treats, it’s also important to provide plenty of refreshments. Fill dispensers with ice water and fruit slices for a slightly sweetened summer beverage. It’s also a great idea to fill coolers with bottled soda and beer. If you’re entertaining adults, you could also serve your own specialty summer cocktail!


s'mores party paper towelsSticky Fingers Station

Eating s’mores inevitably becomes messy. Give your guests a way to clean their sticky hands by creating a hand wash station. It’s sure to get plenty of use! This will prevent people from having to touch door handles when entering the house to get clean. Set up a table with wet wipes and napkins for guests to use throughout the evening. Bonus points if you also set out some bug spray to protect from unwanted visitors. Don’t forget to set out a trashcan as well!


Tables and Seating

Toasting the perfect s’more takes time. Therefore, you’ll want to have plenty of seating around the fire pit so guests can get comfortable while they cook up their creations. Benches or simple folding chairs will suffice, depending on the effect you desire.

s'mores party picnic tableGive your guests a place to eat their delectable treats by providing tables. If you have picnic tables or folding tables, use them! If you don’t, no worries – you can make your own low-sitting tables. Lay some boards across plastic milk crates and put some blankets or old pillows on the ground so guests can sit in the grass picnic-style as they dine.

Due to the previously mentioned s’mores mess, it’s probably a good idea to cover your eating surfaces to prevent extensive cleanup after wrapping up the party. Toss on some old tablecloths or simply roll out some kraft paper to protect your tables.


Decorate Your Space

s'mores party paper lanternsWhile decorations aren’t necessary, they do make the evening feel more festive. For a simple decorating scheme that can stay up all summer long, place some string lights or paper lanterns around your yard. Not only do they look great, but also they offer additional light and ambiance once the evening turns dark. If you want to go all out, consider placing jars with flowers or candles on the table to make the scene unforgettable.


Hosting Your Next S’mores Party

Do you have suggestions for a backyard party? Let us know in the comments below. Once you host your own s’mores party, visit our Facebook page to share pictures of your event! We’d love to see them.

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