Attract Birds with Hanging Baskets


Themed gardens are a popular among gardeners. There are tons of themes that can be put to use, but one of the most common is a garden to attract birds. A hanging basket garden designed to do so will allow you an up close and personal look at your feathered friends.

A few plants to include in your basket are:

  • Zinnias – birds appreciate the seeds from this bright purple flower
  • Bee Balm – hummingbirds appreciate these purple pom pom shaped blooms
  • Aster – any variety of this common flower will beautify your baskets
  • Cornflower – enjoy a gorgeous pop of color with this bright blue flower
  • Coral Bells – a gorgeous flowing pink plant that will add texture and length to your baskets

It is important to make sure your hanging basket is located in a place where birds will not feel threatened. For instance, if you have cats at your house you shouldn’t place a bird-friendly basket in a location where cats can’t bat at birds or attempt to jump at them. Birds will not visit the basket if they feel that their safety may be compromised.

Which plants will you use to create your bird themed basket? Share with our community by commenting on this post or visiting our Facebook wall!

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  • Maureen Kenney says:

    Any ideas on hummingbirds?

    • Mackenzie Kupfer says:

      I love hummingbirds! You could also plant fuchsias which are perfect for hanging baskets. They will thrive in part shade to full shade from spring to fall. They are such a pretty flower, and the hummingbirds always stop to drink their nectar.

  • Garden Decor says:

    Hummingbirds seek out food primarily based on site during their normal migration patterns, so putting your hanging baskets in highly visible places is a good start. Some of the very common annuals used in baskets are great for attracting hummers. Petunias, Impatiens, and many varieties of Salvia are great for attracting and maintaining the attention of these birds.
    There’s a wide variety of vines and shrubs that are known to attract hummingbirds as well, if you are interested in decorative yard elements outside of hanging baskets. Azaleas, Butterfly Bushes, Honeysuckle varieties, and Morning Glory are hardy and easy to find at many garden centers.

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