Seed Paper Ornament Instructions

Seed Paper Ornaments are the perfect holiday tree accessory turned garden planter!

Take colorful scrap paper and tear into pieces. Place the paper pieces in your blender and cover with enough water to create a pulp. Blend the paper using a pulse setting. Remove the pitcher from the blender and add wild flower seeds. You’ll want to use the large spoon to blend the seeds in, not the blender itself.

Place a fine mesh colander in your sink and pour the paper pulp to drain. On a flat service place a towel underneath a large piece of felt. Pour the drained paper pulp contents on to the felt and, using your hands, spread evenly into a thin layer. Take a second towel and lay over the thin layer of paper pulp. Dab gently to soak up excess water. Remove the towel and allow the layer of seed paper to dry over night.

The next day, when the seed paper is dried and ready to be shaped, choose which shapes you’d like. Cut the seed paper into stars, flowers, and other shapes to be used as ornaments. Punch a hole in the shape and create a loop for hanging using Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® twine. To distribute, place on Christmas trees of friends or family or add it to a holiday card with instructions to use!

Seed paper ornaments can be placed in the ground in spring and watered to bloom wild flowers in the garden!

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