Succulent plants

Caring for succulents: the basics

Beginner and advanced gardeners alike appreciate succulents for their beautiful and enduring qualities. You’ve heard of the most famous succulent plants such as aloe, agave and cacti. No matter which type you choose to grow, here are some simple rules to follow to keep your succulents happy and healthy all year long. Light Succulents require […]

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Why Are Earthworms Good For My Garden?

5 Ways Earthworms Benefit Your Garden

While they may not get credit for being the world’s most attractive creatures, earthworms are essential to soil and garden health. They play an important biological role in the soil’s natural ecosystem and their functions benefit humans directly. If you understand the advantages that earthworms bring to your garden, you can help them thrive and […]

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The Why, How and What of Composting

Compost is a soil-like mixture that consists largely of decayed organic matter and is used for fertilizing and conditioning land. Home composting reduces the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides and encourages a higher yield in crops. It also reduces the amount of waste products you discard. Consisting of nutrient-rich brown and green material, compost […]

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Weather Vane

All About Weather Vanes

While doubling as common garden and yard décor, weather or wind vanes have been purposeful spanning back to Ancient Greece. To honor the Greek god Triton, the very first weather vane was placed atop the Tower of the Winds in Athens to show the direction of the wind. The ancients believed in the divine powers […]

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Deck with Flower Baskets

Creating Curb Appeal

When it comes to décor, the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Make a lasting impression by adding curb appeal with these quick yardscaping tips: 1. Outdoor lighting Highlight the features of your yard with landscape lighting. Try using them in trees or to illuminate a walking path. Solar fixtures […]

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Till Garden

Should I Till My Garden

To till or not to till? As a controversy among gardeners – that is the question. While some rely on cultivating for lighter, weed-free soil, others claim soil will be healthier if you leave it alone. Who are we supposed to believe? Let’s start with the major benefits of tilling, which include aerating the soil, […]

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Groundhog says there’s more winter — but should we trust him?

You may have heard the news, but in case you didn’t — good old Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. That means that he’s returned to his burrow to hunker down for another six weeks of winter. According to the weather-forecasting rodent, you can expect Spring to unofficially arrive around March 16. Sure that’s […]

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Harvest seeds to help your flower garden budget

Growing your own plants goes hand-in-hand with producing your own seeds. Perhaps you are concerned about saving a particular type of seed or you want to trade seeds with a friend. Harvesting seeds is the perfect way to free up your garden budget for décor or other projects. Here are a few tips to help […]

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Clean a fire pit

Fire Pit Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

You’ve used your fire pit a few times – marshmallows with your kids, an evening under the stars with your significant other, and that party where your whole family came by for the night. Your fire pit is proving itself to be a real workhorse. It’s been a great centerpiece to your outdoor décor. Just load it with firewood, […]

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blazing logs in a fire pit

What to Look for When Picking Out Your Next Fire Pit

With our years of experience creating fire pit designs, CobraCo has developed a few tips on what to consider when choosing your fire pit. When deciding to offer a fire pit, CobraCo considers a number of points. These same points can help you when you’re shopping for the best fire pit for your backyard. A quality fire […]

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