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Avant® Garden Wants to Get Social With Gardeners

Lititz, PA – (Avant® Garden June 2010) – Avant® Garden Brand, a key manufacturer of innovative outdoor living décor, is proud to announce the launch of their Get Social with Gardeners campaign! 

avant garden social media

Avant® Garden is offering fellow gardeners a chance to get involved. For Avant® Garden, avenues such as facebook, twitter, and a new blog are three ideal ways to introduce consumers to its array of garden décor products and to expand communication to gardeners nationwide.


Avant® Garden cares about gardeners, on all experience levels, and wants to gain a better understanding of what people in love with plants really want in outdoor décor and gardening accessories, and how they can help plant lovers improve their hobby of gardening. Avant® Garden invites green thumbs, and yes, even brown thumbs to share their two-cents… after all socializing is a two-way street!

Avant® Garden outdoor living décor products are well-known for their classic, yet innovative style, as well as functionality. The brand is passionate about making gardening and outdoor décor fun and easy for gardeners, while allowing them to add a bit of style in the process.
Join Avant® Garden brand - follow us into twitterland, ‘like’ us on facebook, and subscribe to our blog. Learn more about the basics of gardening, outdoor décor tips and tools, and much, much more!

Avant®Garden is the premier brand of innovative outdoor living décor. From stylish coco planters and baskets, to flower boxes, plant stands, and fire pits – it’s the one stop brand for all outdoor décor needs. Avant® Garden also offers garden helpers, such as garden stakes, accessories, and various plant saucers that meet the demands of both gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. So Get Social now with the Avant® Garden brand and stay-tuned for the launch of our new website coming soon!

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