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Welcome to Avant Garden Decor!

Since 2007 it's been our mission to help you enjoy your backyard more than ever before. We've collected years of experience in vegetable gardening, flower cultivating, and all things outdoor decorating to bring you the information AND the products that can help you achieve your yard and garden goals.

Hanging Baskets & Coco Planters

Coco planters are a quick and almost effortless way to add annual color from early spring through the brisk chill of fall. Whether you'd like to easily fancy-up your porch with a hanging basket, or prefer to adorn your deck rails quickly with some blossoms, CobraCo™ offers a variety of planter sizes and designs. These planters can be used year after year with a simple replacement of the coconut shell liner.

For a new twist on your favorite coco planter, try an EcoLiner™. Constructed of recycled paper materials, this planter is as easy to use as coco, but withstands wind, rain and birds much better. These made in the USA liners are also better for your plants. Each EcoLiner™ retains water 30% better than traditional coco liners, which means you have to water them less too!

Check out our flower gardening community for advice and tips on how to easily achieve luscious blooms in each of your containers.

Patio, Porch, & Garden Decorations

Avant Garden Décor also features a variety of decorative elements to complete your outdoor living space. If you prefer your plants in pots and boxes over a coco planting medium, a wide range of plant stands and flower box holders make it easy to beautify your home with plant life.

Iron Stop® wind spinners and chimes can add a whimsical element of decoration to any deck, lawn, and even indoor spaces. Natural movement, eye-catching color, and relatable designs make these made-in-America products a special addition to any home.

Fire Pits & Campfire Rings

What better way to enjoy your evenings in the backyard than surrounding a fire, telling stories and building memories with friends and family? The fire pits, fire bowls, and campfire rings offered on AvantGardenDecor.com offer an easy way to add this quintessential piece of outdoor furniture. Each one is easy to assemble and includes everything you need to create the perfect fire….with the exception of wood and matches, of course.

Decorative elements and sturdy materials are combined to create a full range of styles and prices that fit any backyard plan. Unique copper fire pit designs, heavy-duty cast iron fire pits, and rustic steel fire pits are all available in our fire pit department.

To learn more about fire pit safety and outdoor entertaining options visit our learning center.

Gardening Supplies

First time gardeners and experts alike come to AvantGardenDecor.com for useful products and gardening tips. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® brings the finest in tomato growing supplies, plant stakes, supports and other garden helpers. The Ultomato plant cage system and stake arms are our favorite way to grow vining melons, gourds, berries, and of course tomatoes.

Ready to use garden sprays and concentrates can help defend your plants from pests and other threats. OMRI listed insect controls and organic fungus and weed killers from Safer® Brand can be found in our flower and vegetable gardening departments. Havahart® wild animal traps and deterrents help to provide an extra level of defense from wild animals that can munch on both decorative and edible gardens.

In addition to the selection of products that we offer to help you garden at your best, we've collected resources to help answer your gardening questions. Whether you're more interested in getting the brightest blooms or harvesting the tastiest produce, chances are we have articles that include tips to help. Our gardening community also brings together a variety of topics and gives you the chance to ask questions and share your own success stories.

Houseplant Accessories

You'll also find indoor plant accessories within our site from brands like Gardener's Blue Ribbon®, CobraCo™, and Safer® Brand.

A mix of plant stand options provides convenient spots to bring your outdoor potted plants inside with some decorative flare. Cork mats and vinyl saucers in a variety of widths, depths, and thicknesses fit perfectly under any plant. For larger plants, use a plant caddy to protect floors and allow for easy movement around your home.

Don't worry about setting reminders to water your potted plants. With a Plant Sitter® watering system you won't have to worry about frequent refills or your plants drying out while you're on vacation. The ceramic censors will make sure not to over-water as well, which can lead to issues with white flies and mold.

The Avant Garden team enjoys learning from our visitors too. Connect with us through our blog, share your ideas through social media, or leave us some feedback on any one of our product pages.

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